Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday morning
I’m standing at the sink in my kitchen clearing up from my Easter celebrations with friends and as i watch out the window towards the church i see a regular occurrence which i see almost every time
i look out my window. Walkers going up to the door of the church,reading the notice and then walking away because the door is locked and for the majority of the time it is locked.It’s an old church and i must confess i don’t know the history of St Lukes except it’s old and it’s been there a very long time. This made me feel so sad but also set my mind to thinking. What could be done? How could this be changed and how could this empty building for that is all it is be used to bring God’s love and care for the many walkers visitors to this lovely spot which i am so privileged to be living in? How could the doors be opened and the little church become a vibrant place of prayer and healing. A quiet spot for reflective prayer.
Could the history and the future be brought together? New display boards, church history part of it, local history, the nature and walks locally? A simple bowl of water for the dogs and a corner to sit and have prayer offered or an opportunity to light a candle.
Times are hard and people are desperate and what is the church offering??? At present a closed door? Can something be done? I certainly hope so but where next? Who do i take these thoughts, prayers to?
Is this just a good idea or is it a GOD idea?

Monday, 8 September 2008

Friendly Lamb

I was out giving my dog her usual walk and after going along the canal, over the bridge,over the fence and back into the field to go home we came amoungst a flock of sheep. Now this is not a problem as we are use to sheep and Dizzy(the dog) ignores the sheep and as a rule they ignore her to. Today was different though because as the sheep scattered out of the way one lamb stood it's ground and didn't run away with the rest. Dizzy had gone ahead of me so i gently approached the lamb and it let me stroke it's head and sratch it's ears! This has not happened to me before and whether it will again i'll wait and see but it was quite something to experience. The sheep usually scatter and run away although we mean them no harm (saying that i'm not a veggie and roast lamb is quite a favourite--sorry) so perhaps they are wise to run?
I really hope i come across the friendly lamb again, will i recognise him/her and vice versa let's hope so or will the lamb be influenced by the rest of the flock and run away?

Sunday, 7 September 2008


One day i might actually get the hang of this and manage not to press the wrong button at the wrong time when my little mouse arrow is hovering over the wrong or maybe right place!
This was originally going to be about the ducks and the bread issue as mentioned before but after some consideration and comments from good friends the ducks will continue to get their daily treat of bread as they all look very healthy and there seem to be very few side affects. This may not be the most evidence based research that has ever been carried out but it's definitely does me good and makes me smile everytime i see them racing over (perhaps waddling quickly is a better description) for their bread treat. It certainly makes me laugh and other visitors to my abode have also enjoyed the scene of the waddling ducks.
I wanted to say something really spiritual about this but my mind drew a blank (nothing new there some would say....) but then again i remember the fact that sheep know their shepherds voice and in a similar way the ducks know my voice...... do i listen for my Shepherds voice as the days get busy again knowing that he has promised so much for me. I sang The Lords my Shepherd this morning at church, the version with the chorus " and i will trust in him alone". It can be easy to sing but not so easy to do. I just pray that each day as i feed the ducks i can remember to trust and listen out for my shepherds voice.

To duck or not to duck that is the question?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Can I feed my ducks bread? The great debate.....

I have always fed my ducks on bread and they come waddling enthusiastically over to me quacking merrily (if thats what you can say about ducks quacking??) and they seem to thoroughly to enjoy their bread. But I have now been told that bread is not good for my ducks. So what am i to do? What a dilemma for my happy ducks?????